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Personalized Cardiac Rehab On-Demand

Ucardia offers an AI-powered cardiac rehab solution, all from the comfort of your own home.

Cardiac Rehab. Reimagined.

Ucardia is an accessible, on-demand cardiac rehab mobile platform that provides personalized workouts, nutritional guidance, and catered mindfulness sessions all from the comfort of your own home.

Personalized Rehab Sessions

Use personalized AI-powered workouts to continue your cardiac rehab journey from your home.

Heart-Healthy Nutrition

Discover an assortment of heart-healthy inspired meals to help you feel your best during your rehab.

Guided Mindfulness

Recharge with Ucardia's guided mindfulness sessions to unwind and relax after workouts.

Continue your cardiac rehab journey right from your home.

Stream your instructor-guided rehab sessions wirelessly to your TV - or take our Ucardia app on the go and rehab anywhere.

Wearable Ready

Utilize your wearable to log your workout data, including real-time HR monitoring.

Track Your Progress

Discover HeartVU, your personalized dashboard to track your progress and improvement.

Built for Patients and Providers alike.

Cardiac rehab in your pocket

Ucardia's powerful mobile app allows patients unrivaled access to workouts, heart-healthy recipes, and guided mindfulness sessions.

Cardiologist ready

Ucardia's web-based patient and provider dashboard, HeartVU, allows doctors to keep track of their patient's rehab and progress remotely.

Seamless care

Whether it's remote monitoring, transferring medical records electronically, or even scheduling facetime with your doctor, Ucardia's got you covered.

Become a Beta Tester.

Become a Beta Tester.