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"If we filled every cardiac rehabilitation program in the United States to full capacity, plus 10%, we could only serve 45% of eligible patients. We'd need to have a 1-year waiting list."

Randal J. Thomas MD, Mayo Clinic


Partnering with Ucardia is easy.

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Onboard Patients

New patient accounts are created upon provider's request.

Access Patient and Practice Data

Navigate patient and practice data in the caregiver portal.

Obtain Reimbursement

Submit claim to payer; get paid.

Ucardia is the first remote cardiac rehabilitation provider with a complete end-to-end solution.

Providers understand the importance of a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program. This is why we built the application to be user-friendly for both the patient and care team.

Through the Ucardia provider portal, medical professionals can remotely monitor patient progress throughout the cardiac rehabilitation journey. Ucardia's platform provides a collective overview of registered patients, tracking of patient progress, enrollment monitoring and payer portfolios, scheduling check-in appointments, and even exporting patient electronic medical records.

All of this, and more, in a long overdue solution for cardiac rehabilitation and remote patient monitoring.

Benefits of Partnering with Ucardia

Increase patient adherence to rehabilitation program

Streamline communication between patient and physician

Broaden and expand healthcare provider access to patient data and outputs

Improve outcomes for patients after a cardiac event

We are revolutionizing cardiac rehab for the 21st century.

Ucardia adheres to the highest security and privacy standards, using secure servers, HIPAA-compliant protocols, and redundant data storage. See our Privacy Policy.

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