Speaking from the Heart.

Our Story.

I founded Ucardia on the premise that everyone's recovery journey is unique and that the traditional care model neglected the whole person. I understand a patient's struggles because I, too, went through cardiac rehab.

Accessibility, personalization, and adequate coverage only tells part of the story as to why so few patients participate in cardiac rehab. We designed Ucardia through first principles, including all stakeholders. Our clinically validated cardiac rehab solution changes the game for patients, providers, and payers alike.

We are bringing cardiac rehab to the 21st century, through a novel approach. Ucardia is leading the way in reinventing cardiac rehab in a new era of health care.

Nicholas A. Weber, Heart Attack Survivor

Our Mission

Ucardia's mission is to improve the lives of all individuals who suffer from cardiovascular disease.  We do this by creating an innovative, personalized, and affordable comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program. We are setting the gold standard in mobile cardiac rehab care.

Meet Our Team

Nick Weber

Founder + CEO

Curtis Petersen

Chief of Data + Engineering

David Jackson, PhD

Executive Vice President

Stacy Prigmore

Chief Commercial Officer

Jess Cathey, MS


Jessica Bishop, MBA

Senior Director

of Operations

Hamza Javaid

Lead Backend Developer

Zain Ul Abideen

Senior Mobile Developer

Haseeb Shahid

Senior Backend Developer

Muhammad Danish

Senior Mobile Developer

We are revolutionizing cardiac rehab for the 21st century.

Ucardia adheres to the highest security and privacy standards, using secure servers, HIPAA-compliant protocols, and redundant data storage. See our Privacy Policy.

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