Revolutionary at-home cardiac rehab for patients.

Using the Ucardia smartphone app patients can complete their cardiac rehabilitation through tailored exercises. Health information from questionnaires, heart rate from wearables, and weight and blood pressure from connected devices is all aggregated into our system ensuring patients are rebhabing safely and successfully. 

Patients can view all of their health information and insights into changes and trends through HeartVU. HeartVU combines all of your information and helps you understand your progress through your rehab experience. It also summarizes your current health and wellness for your doctor.

Built with doctors and providers in mind.

Through our all-inclusive doctor and provider HeartVU platform, medical professionals can monitor their patients progress throughout their cardiac rehabilitation journey.

A collective overview of your registered patients, tracking individual progress, monitoring enrollments and payer portfolios, scheduling check-in appointments, and even exporting patient EMRs (electronic medical records) are some of the many features Ucardia's HeartVU platform provides.

All of this, and more, in a long overdue solution for cardiac rehabilitation and remote patient monitoring.

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