Speaking from the Heart. Our Story.

Founder and CEO, Nick Weber

I survived a heart attack in my early-twenties. As a survivor, I know from firsthand experience the emotional, physical, and mental struggles associated with chronic heart disease. I was privileged enough to have the best doctors and physical therapists in the USA rehabilitate me after my heart attack, but I realize that’s not the case for millions of people who have inadequate healthcare coverage.

When I first envisioned Ucardia back in 2013, I wanted to make cardiac rehab more accessible—both in price and in quality—for the average person. The latest developments in medical wearable technology now make it possible for us to provide effective cardiac rehab in a home setting. My team and I are committed to people like you who wake up every morning fighting this disease and refuse to let it win. We want you to know that you’re not alone in your cardiac rehab journey, and we pledge to be there with you every step of the way.

Above all else, we created Ucardia to help fulfill our ultimate mission: for you to live your best and healthiest life.

Nicholas Weber

Our Mission

Ucardia's mission is to create an innovative, adaptable, and affordable online-based fitness and nutritional program which improves the lives of all individuals who suffer from cardiovascular disease (CVD); in doing so, we hope to set a gold standard in mobile cardiac rehab care.

Meet Our Team

Founders and Advisory Team

Nick Weber

Founder | CEO

Previously was a healthcare venture capitalist at the most active VC fund in Texas, heart attack survivor at age 22, studied digital health and remote patient monitoring at Dartmouth College.

Curtis Petersen

Chief of Data & Engineering

Previously built a venture-backed remote monitoring startup, which was later acquired, studied healthcare data analytics, currently finishing up PhD in quantitative biosciences at Dartmouth College

Douglas Noordsy, MD

Previously was the head of mobile health for the VA, currently serving as the director of sports psychiatry at Stanford Medical - Chief Medical Officer at Ucardia.

Sam Kohrman, MD

Clinical psychiatrist with a focus in behavioral augmentation and human performance, applied learnings in mobile health adherence, education and training at Stanford and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

David Jackson, PhD

Started and ran multiple venture-backed biotechnology startups that have had successful exits, raised over $90 million dollars in institutional capital, PhD in physiology from Boston University.

Drake Coffey, MD

Dr. Drake Coffey is a board certified emergency room physician at Mass General Hospital. He assesses and treats some of the most complex cardiac and pulmonary risk patients from all around the world. Dr. Coffey teaches emergency room medicine at Harvard Medical School, and did his training at Yale School of Medicine.

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